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Intracresco means inner growth in Latin.

We are a Singapore-based social enterprise that promotes emotional wellbeing through advocacy, experiences, therapy and mental health counselling.

Our vision is to connect the world by connecting to ourselves first. We seek to build a ground-up movement for positive change, and an inclusive community committed to personal growth,
sustainability and unity.

What We Do

1-1 Therapy

This is our most transformational work. We journey with committed individuals and couples to resolve emotional trauma and relationship issues.

As our approach is integrative and addresses root causes, healing is often greatly accelerated. Most people end the programme with a sense of peace and resilience to tackle life.

Emotional Wellness Therapy

Couples Therapy

Mid-life Crisis Therapy


In line with our social mission, we work with partners on public talks and initiatives to break the mental health stigma and social taboo against emotional vulnerability, and to promote the importance of emotional regulation.

Intracresco is working with a youth team and government agencies to pilot ‘Guys, Keep It Real’ – a programme that champions mental wellbeing among male youths through gamification, meaningful conversations and mental health counselling.

Kavitha and Kester have also spoken on mental health at various media platforms including Mediacorp television and radio.

Reach out to us for collaborations or speaking engagements.

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(Photos: Design4Impact, where our team won a design challenge to pilot our solution)



In addition to our counselling services, we work with corporates and organisations to promote emotional wellness in refreshing, tangible and transformative ways.

Intracresco has partnered Twitter, Enterprise Singapore, CanHOPE, Mental ACT and others to conduct multisensory, radically honest workshops on emotional intelligence and conscious communication for staff and stakeholders.

Our goal is to make emotional skills accessible and applicable for all. Reach out to us for collaborations.

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Who We Are

Kavitha and Kester are Founders and Therapists at Intracresco. A common desire to serve brought them together to build Intracresco as a sanctuary for wellbeing, healing and community.

Their passion and work are inspired by their life journey integrating their own pain and trauma, and finding hope.

Drawing from years of experience and study of science-backed therapies and ancient teachings, their approach to healing is deeply human, intuitive and results-focused.

Our Approach To Wellness

We believe in the interconnection between the mind, emotions, body and energy (what traditional medicine calls qi or prana). Wellness is bringing all aspects of us into balance.


We believe ultimately everyone has to take charge of their own healing and transformation. Our role is not to save anyone, but to support you to reach a place of self-awareness and resilience through our counselling services in Singapore.


We believe social connection is an indispensable part of our wellbeing. That’s why Intracresco works not only with individuals, but also with families to build safe and supportive relationships.

Intracresco’s logo is based on the Tree of Life – a sacred symbol representing Divine Creation.

The roots represent the source where all life comes from.

The lady and branches represent the Divine Mother, who gives birth to all life and nurtures all creation.

The leaves represent each individual life as a unique expression of the Divine.

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Therapy sessions are held in-person at our tranquil healing space in Singapore, or online.

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