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Love evolves as you go

A successful marriage or a relationship isn’t built overnight. Insecurities, vulnerabilities, and disagreements if unresolved, ignored, and swept under the carpet can cause disharmony in the relationship and can cause partners to drift apart.

It takes time to build and sustain a strong bond with your partner

If you and your partner are facing challenges and difficulties in your relationship, seeking an end to it is not always the right answer.

That’s why it’s important you speak with someone who understands. Speak to us to begin marriage counselling in Singapore.


We are Kavitha and Kester, a Singapore-based therapist couple on a mission to support others in building happy, loving relationships.

As a couple ourselves, we understand the ups and downs of relationships. We have seen each other’s traumas, anger and insecurities come up. We have gone through periods of feeling distant and disconnected. In the process, we learnt to communicate, build intimacy, and support each other to heal and become our authentic selves.

Our therapy approach is practical, intuitive and results-focused.”

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Our relationship counselling sessions are held in-person at our tranquil healing space in Singapore, or online.

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Book a 60-minute trial session at a
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Let us guide you through marriage counselling services in Singapore:

Deep dive into learning about your and your partner’s love languages, and communicate your wants and needs in a relationship better.

We all have a past, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Heal from the demons that haunt you and build a healthy version of yourself to carry into your relationship.

Build physical and emotional intimacy with your partner by creating a safe space for transparent, vulnerable communication.

Entwining your life with another person brings about change that you may have not been prepared for. Handle these changes with your partner, and tackle the future together.

Parenthood can demand more than you could’ve imagined. Don’t be discouraged by the newness of your environment or emotions – build a strong bond with your partner – even with a child.

Book a Trial Session

Book a 60-minute trial session at a
special rate of US$150 (worth US$200)