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From a young age, we are pushed to achieve someone else’s vision of a good life

Study hard, get a good job, climb the corporate ladder, settle down, buy a house, and ensure your children follow the same path. We chase these things, as if on autopilot, only to find ourselves wondering, “Is there more to life?”

Intracresco's 1-1 mid-life crisis therapy programme is for anyone who

  • Feels stuck at crossroads and tired of living a limited, restricted life
  • Feels out of alignment with yourself, even though others may consider you “successful” in your career
  • Yearns for more passion and growth in your life, and to make a greater impact on your community/society


We’re Kavitha & Kester, certified therapists & spiritual coaches.

We support people in connecting deeply to themselves, so they can lead authentic, purposeful lives. Our approach is intuitive and practical, drawing from years of experience and study of science-backed therapies and spiritual teachings. Our work is grounded in our own life experiences overcoming pain and emptiness, and finding ourselves again after feeling lost chasing ‘success’.

It is our deepest hope and desire to see people live full and meaningful lives through our mid-life crisis counselling sessions.”

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Our clients say…

Let us guide you through our unique mid-life crisis therapy sessions:

Pause and reflect on where you are and what is truly important for you in life. Identify your core values and priorities.

Cut through the noise of societal expectations, understand your true passions, and connect to your innate intuitive wisdom.

Find clarity on how to transform your passions and talents into your purpose.

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and conditioned mind patterns that hold you back.

Chart practical steps and take action to realise your purpose.

Book a Trial Session

Book a 60-minute trial session at a
special rate of US$150 (worth US$200)

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Sessions are held in-person at our tranquil healing space in Singapore, or online.

Book a Trial Session

Book a 60-minute trial session at a
special rate of US$150 (worth US$200)